Professional gutter repairs Geelong, the Surf Coast and the Bellarine Peninsula

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At Geelong Roof Works, we know how important your gutters and down pipes are to the integrity of your home. They help to move rainwater away from your roof (so water doesn’t back up and leak through your roof) and drain the water into the stormwater system or your rainwater tanks.

So it is imperative that your gutters are clean and not blocked, because you want a free flow of clean water in your tanks - no one wants dirty water in their rainwater tanks.

This is why gutter replacement in Geelong is such a vital service, because when it rains – it really rains! We don’t want any of that water going into your roof spaces or flooding the ground around your home. So we also offer services for valley iron repairs and roof gutter guard installation, making sure that every part of your roof is in tip top shape.

With Geelong Roof Works - you don’t have to worry about how your roof will stand up in the next storm or have to chase away possums, rats or snakes from your roof spaces anymore.

Our Geelong gutter repairs include:

Gutter replacement – Gutters often need to be replaced because they are broken or rusted or the joins between your gutter and downpipes are damaged. If you avoid gutter replacement for too long, you can be in a lot more trouble than you initially anticipated, where a timely repair could have been the easy option.

Downpipe replacement – When your downpipes are rusted or broken, or the joins with your gutter are separated, rainwater can get into your roof cavities, as well as flood the ground around your home. It is always best to avoid exacerbating any problems with downpipes, so prompt downpipe replacement is a top priority at Geelong Roof Works.

Valley iron repairs – Valley iron is the term used to refer to the gutter that is positioned at the bottom of two sloping parts of your roof. It is where different part of your roof are joined and must be intact at all times – or else your roof will really leak! Over time, these valley irons deteriorate and always need to be replaced, otherwise the integrity of your roof is in jeopardy.

Blocked gutters cleaned – Blocked gutters can cause a whole host of problems with rainwater backing up into your roof space and down through your ceilings. You can clean your own gutters, but many home owners prefer to leave this job to the professionals.

Roof gutter guard installation – The best way to prevent your gutters becoming blocked or to stop pests from entering your roof space and nesting is to opt for roof gutter guard installation. At Geelong Roof Works, we can clean and unblock your gutters and install gutter guards all in the same day.

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