Geelong Roof Works Project

Corio Roof Restoration

Geelong Roof Works recently completed an impressive roof restoration project in Corio, Victoria, showcasing their expertise in delivering top-quality services. The project involved restoring and painting the roof of a residential building in the color “Manor Red.”

Geelong Roof Works began the project by conducting a thorough assessment of the roof’s condition. They addressed any underlying issues such as leaks, damaged tiles, or rusted metal components before proceeding with the restoration process. This ensured a solid foundation for the subsequent painting stage.

Our highly skilled team meticulously prepared the roof surface by cleaning, repairing, and priming it for optimal paint adhesion. The application of the paint was executed with precision, ensuring an even and flawless finish.

The completed roof restoration project in Corio, Victoria, carried out by Geelong Roof Works, not only revitalized the appearance of the building but also provided enhanced protection and longevity. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you with your roof restoration project.

Project TypeRoof restoration
Project LocationCorio
Date CompletedJanuary 2023
ColorManor red
Corio Roof Restoration BeforeBefore
Corio Roof Restoration AfterAfter

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