Roof Repair Service Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine Peninsula

At Geelong Roof Works, we provide expert and professional leaking roof repairs for all residential and commercial properties in the local area – including the Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula. As a locally owned and operated business, we have many years experience in roof repairs in Geelong and take great pride in our work.

Our rates are very competitive and we give a 10 year guarantee on all of our work. We know that when your roof is leaking, you need the very best people on the job, and you want the problem fixed fast and at a reasonable cost.

So you will be happy to know that we have built a solid reputation based on our honesty, our integrity and our hard work. Geelong Roof Works are well known for identifying the cause of insidious leaks, causes that have been missed by many other roofers – then we do a quality repair and fix your problem fast.

Leaking roof repairs – how do we fix your roof?

Diagnosis – Some problems are easy to spot and all it takes is a walk around your roof. Other problems are more difficult to locate, so we spend time inspecting the exterior of your roof, as well as within your roof space. We want to be 100% certain that we have identified the cause of your problem, before we discuss leaking roof repairs with you.

Bedding and Pointing – Over time, the bedding and pointing can deteriorate, creating small channels for rainwater to enter your roof space, flow down your rafters and cause severe damage to your ceilings. We can re-bed and repoint your roof as necessary.

Valley Iron Replacement – Sometimes the valleys become clogged with debris, causing rain to be diverted into your roof spaces. Other times, the valleys have deteriorated and cracked, needing to be replaced.

Broken tiles or clips – We can easily spot broken tiles and replace them for you, but problem clips can be tricky to locate. No need to worry, because we are experts at locating broken tile clips and replacing them with new.

Guttering – So easy to forget, but blocked, rusted or broken guttering can cause rainwater to enter your roof space and cause untold damage to your ceilings. We can replace your guttering quickly and prevent any further damage from occurring.

Roof Restoration – Every now and again, some roofs are so damaged that the only reasonable solution is a full roof restoration or a roof rejuvenation. This will easily give your roof another 25 years of life and can be an extremely cost effective alternative to leaking roof repairs.

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