Professional roof painting Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine Peninsula

At Geelong Roof Works, we are professional roof painters, providing roof painting, roof cleaning and roof sealing services in Geelong, the Surf Coast and the Bellarine Peninsula.

When you invest your money in a complete roof restoration, roof painting is the icing on the cake. One of the first views of your home by potential buyers is your roof, so a beautifully restored roof will make all the difference to your asking price.

If you are not selling your home, roof painting is a guaranteed way to increase the aesthetics of your home for yourself as well as for your guests. Roof painting also reduces any maintenance issues for many years into the future and over time, will be a very cost effective measure.

Tile roof painting

Geelong Rood Works are experienced in tile roof painting. Whether you have a new build that is in need of a professional paint or an existing tile roof that could do with a fresh coat, our team are here to help.

Metal roof painting

Metal roof painting is another area of our expertise. We are able to provide clients in Geelong and surrounding areas with high quality painting services to ensure that their metal roofs are looking the best they possibly can.

Our roof painting services include:

Roof painting – We only use the best rated paints with the highest solar protection for your roof. With our harsh Australian sun, we can’t take any chances, so we ensure that only the best products are used on your roof. We will discuss your colour options with you and once you have made your decision, we are good to go!

Roof repairs – Before roof painting commences, we perform a complete inspection of your roof, replacing any lost or broken tiles. We also inspect all of your guttering and flashing, as well as your valleys, bedding and pointing. We can make any roof repairs that are required and then finish the job with a beautiful new coat of paint.

Roof cleaning – Before painting your roof, we make sure that it is fully repaired and cleaned. There is no point in roof painting when the tiles are dirty or in need of being replaced. So your roof painting includes a thorough roof cleaning as well.

Roof sealing – We never compromise the quality of our work or the integrity of your roof. So every roof sealing job we only use the best quality sealants that protect your roof tiles and prevent leaks.

Roof respraying – Many people have had dodgy roof painting jobs, which peel off or fade after a very short period of time and the perpetrators cannot be found. As experienced professional roof painters and restoration experts, we are often asked to fix up these problems by home owners, so they can finally have the beautiful roof they have always wanted.

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  • Roof respraying
  • Roof sealing
  • Roof cleaning
  • Roof waterproofing
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