Roof extensions and roof repairs in Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine Peninsula

Matched roofing extensions are essential when you are adding to your home. You need to make sure that your roofing materials, design and colour, matches between the extension and the original part of your home. Too many times we have seen mismatched roofing, which instantly detracts from the aesthetic appeal of a property and its intrinsic value in the eyes of a buyer.

This is the same for roof restorations, because the roof tile repairs must match the original tiles exactly or they will look out of place. At Geelong Roof Works, we are passionate about matching roofing tiles and materials, so that your property looks completely perfect at completion.

We do our absolute best to ensure that we source brand new matching tiles for your roof extensions and if none are available, we source second hand tiles where appropriate. We also make sure that the flashing and valley iron is all in tip top shape and seamlessly flows from your original build to the new extension.

Roof repairs and roof extensions, Geelong

Roof extensions for entertainment areas – When you invest so much of your hard earned money on an outdoor entertainment area, you want the best quality build and a superior finish. At Geelong Roof Works, we make sure that your extension roof completely matches your existing roof, so you can enjoy your new area and not worry about mismatched tiles.

Roof extensions for carports and garages – Just because it is not a living area, doesn’t make a carport or garage any less important to the aesthetic value of your home. We make sure that the materials for your roof extensions are perfectly matched to your original roof, so that the aesthetic appeal and the value of your home is increased.

Roof extensions for home additions – Lots of home owners are enlarging their living spaces and building extensions, rather than moving to a new location. The main reason is to save money and because they love their current location. So it is vital that your roof extensions add to the overall appeal of your home, rather than detract – because they don’t match.

Roof tile repairs – When we are working on your roof extension we can also check over your existing roof and make any roof tile repairs or other roof restoration repairs as needed. This will ensure that your entire roof looks awesome, not just the new roof extension.

Roof restorations – If your current roof is more than 10 years old, it might be wise to budget for a roof restoration as well as the new roof extension. That way you can ensure that the whole roof is in perfect order and will require little maintenance for many years into the future.

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