Metal roof restoration Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine Peninsula

At Geelong Roof Works, we also repair and restore metal roofs. Sometimes you only need a few sheets replaced and other times you need a complete Colorbond roof restoration. Here are some of the common problems that might lead to a metal roof restoration:

Wrong roof slope – If the roof was incorrectly fitted with an inadequate slope, then rainwater can easily pool, leading to a leaking roof. Some metal roofs can be fitted to buildings with a very low pitch, but these tend to be mainly for commercial buildings and are expensive.

Incorrectly secured metal panels – If the metal sheets or panels were not securely locked on installation, then they can move around or even be blown away in a storm. Depending on the amount of damage, we might be able to simply replace your panels and fittings or you might need a full metal roof restoration.

Flashing problems – This is one of the most common problems with metal roofs. The flashing around skylights, end walls and side walls, as well as in the valleys is often not fitted correctly causing your roof to leak. A full Colorbond roof restoration will fix this problem immediately.

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