Roof moss removal and professional roof cleaning, Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine Peninsula

You might be surprised to learn that roof moss cleaning is one of our most popular roof cleaning services in Geelong and the surrounding areas. This is because moss might look nice growing on roofs and give a property an old world charm, but it can cause big problems in the future.

The problem is that moss and lichen can cause long term and expensive problems, so roof moss removal is actually important to the integrity of your roof.

Problems with moss are particularly pervasive with shingled roofs, but they can be just as much of an issue for tiled or metal roofs. So whilst moss might look nice and you aren’t too concerned about it growing on your roof at the moment, you could be in for a nasty surprise in a few years.

This is where high water pressure roof cleaning comes into play, because the main problem with moss on a shingle roof is that the moisture from the moss can soak through the shingles and into your roof spaces. For tiled roofs, this doesn’t happen, but what does happen is that moss can prevent rainwater from draining away properly from your roof. Moss can also block your gutters and if the excessive moisture consistently seeps around your tiles, it can begin to rot the batons supporting your roof tiles.

Professional roof moss removal and roof cleaning in Geelong

The most efficient, the fastest and the most cost effective treatment for roof moss is to water blast it off. This will keep the moss away from your roof for quite some time and if your budget allows, you can move forward with roof painting and sealing or a full restoration to protect your roof from further problems with moss. Alternatively, you can use the simple method of high water pressure roof cleaning every few years.

High water pressure roof cleaning – This is exactly what it says – water at high pressure is used to clear away all of the moss from your roof tiles. Before we do this however, it is a very good idea to have us clear out your gutters and check your valley irons to make sure everything is fine – before we start jet blasting your roof. Any unidentified problems with the integrity of your roof will quickly appear when you are using high water pressure to clean a roof.

Roof tile moss removal – The high water pressure will instantly clear away all evidence of moss on your roof and is very effective for roof cleaning in Geelong. So if you are concerned about the effect of moss on your roof over time, the best idea is to remove the problem once and for all.

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