Bird blocks and removal of nesting debris from roofing, Geelong, Surf Coast, Bellarine Peninsula

At Geelong Roof Works, we have a bird control service second to none. Most of us are animal lovers and many of us appreciate the beauty of birds. The problem arises when birds are nesting in your roof, fouling your exterior and interior spaces and causing damage to your property. This is why we offer a range of services to fix your bird problem.

We can install bird blocks to prevent birds from squeezing under your tiles or eaves to nest and bird spikes to prevent them from roosting on and fouling exterior rafters in your entertainment areas. Whilst bird control and bird blocking is important, removal of nesting debris from roofing areas is also just as vital to the health of your family.

So if you have pest birds nesting in your roof or damaging your property, call us for an obligation free quote and we will fix your problem in no time at all. Don’t forget to ask us about gutter cleaning at the same time and we can fix both of your problems in one go.

Professional gutter cleaning and bird control for home owners

Bird blocks and bird spikes – Bird blocks fit underneath your individual roof tiles and prevent birds from gaining entry into your roof spaces. Bird spikes are vertical thin spikes that are fitted on horizontal surfaces, such as rafters and ledges and stop pest birds from roosting and befouling the area. Both of these are extremely efficient and cruelty free bird control measures that simply tell pest birds to go elsewhere and nest.

Removal of nesting debris from roofing – Once we have fixed the problem of birds gaining entry to your roof spaces, the removal of nesting debris from roofing spaces is essential. First, this debris is a fire hazard and second, it can be full of bird mites, which can enter your home via the wall cavities and endanger the health of your family.

Gutter cleaning – Once we have the bird blocking devices in place and cleaned out the nesting debris from your roof, it is advisable for us to clean your gutters at the same time as well. After all, we are already up there and most people tend to forget about gutter cleaning until the rainwater backs up and their roof starts to leak. We can also fit gutter guards for you, to prevent any more debris blocking your gutters in the future.

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