Geelong Roof Works Project

Leopold Moss Removal

This residential client in Leopold engaged our team at Geelong Roof Works to conduct a professional roof moss removal. We first inspected the roof and identified areas of concern, which helped us determine the best way to approach the moss removal. After an inspection, our team conducted a high pressure clean across the entirety of the roof. We then completed valley iron replacements, as well as repointed all the ridge caps in flexible pointing.

While some areas of the roof were more covered with moss than others, we applied a moss treatment to the roof surface to ensure further re-growth wouldn’t occur. Moss removal is an incredibly important service as it can extend the life of your roof, as well as improve the appearance of your home and prevent moss falling onto your driveway or the top of your vehicle, which can be a real hassle.

To learn more about the importance of moss removal for roofs in Leopold and Geelong, please get in  contact with our highly experienced team today on 0404 506 095. We can provide you with a competitive quote and a quality service that will leave you feeling satisfied. We look forward to your call.

Project TypeMoss Removal
Project LocationLeopold
Date Completed2020
Remotemediafile-6553780-0-2021-06-22-08-25-18 (1)Before
Remotemediafile-6553791-0-2021-06-23-13-44-10 (1)After

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